The sorrowful voice of a helpless child from a deprived home, where parental rights and responsibilities were denied, is dominant in this book.


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The Echo of a Troubled Soul is a story of family and
friendship that also deals with the consequences of
grief, pain, sorrow and loss. It is a story of redemption
on the journey of recovery.
Following a spate of tragedies, Tom is left alone;
weighed down by bereavement and consumed with
grief. His patience and self-control have been
stretched to the limit. He goes in search of comfort
and companionship and, unfortunately, finds them in
alcohol. However, this turns out to be the wrong step
in the right direction. It is his irrational behaviour
during one drunken episode that brings Tom, Larry,
Jane and Nora together.
Rescuing Tom from his descent into self-destruction
proves to be a fateful decision for Larry, Jane and
Nora. Little do they realise at the time, but they each
hold the key to unanswered questions in their own
lives too.
“Always wear knowledge like a wristwatch: bring it out
when you need it because, when you stop learning, you
will start dying. Life is too short and it is easier to
forgive than to take the path of revenge.”

A mother is helping her teenage daughter to come to
terms when a friend takes her own life. She poses the
question, Is Suicide the Answer? and proceeds to answer
it in a measured but purposeful way.
Drawing from stories from her own culture and
traditions, having been born and raised in Africa, we are
introduced to Ogeechee, a teenager whose outlook on
life is weighed down by the burden of his disadvantaged
circumstances. He does not believe that human help is
any good to him, because such help ‘does not last’. He
goes to the mountain one day, to see if he can get an
answer to one of the numerous questions that goes
through his mind.
What follows is an intervention of one kind or another.
Whether it is divine in nature, or merely coincidental, is
up to the reader to decide. What we do learn, is that no
condition is permanent: we make our own future. It is
up to each and everyone one of us to discover that
mission which sets us on our chosen course in life. The
fact that we do not know what the future will bring,
should fill us with hope rather than trepidation.

A Cry Within describes two children who were born of the same parents,
a brother and sister who are always in constant disagreement with
each other. The boy tends to be very playful and unconcerned, while
the girl is very articulate in all her ways. Their parents believed so much in
superstition and tradition, and this brings consistent divergent opinions between
these parents and their two children. The girl, who is in the center of
everything, envisaged the coming of an evil day and succeeded in drawing
her brotherÊs attention to her thoughts and feelings concerning a traditional
right that was performed on her behalf when she was two years old. The boy
in like manner was so troubled that he vowed that his sister must not marry a
man whom she was betrothed to at the age of two, maintaining that his sister
has the right of speech and freedom to choose who she wants as a husband. On
swearing to stop at nothing to save her sister from being a victim of a tradition,
which he considers insignificant, an indirect intimidation and

Mark is a very talented and intelligent young student. At school
his friends are Lucy, Michael and Tim. All of the other pupils, and
even some of the teachers, look to Mark when various problems
arise. But being a genius is not always plain sailing: it has its
downsides too.
Mark the Genius is a book about school, containing an important
first-hand account of the best days of our lives. It reminds us of a
time when dreams, hopes and aspirations are filled with the idea of
nothing more than “games for homework, games instead of
lessons and a trip to the park for break time?”
Sandra Agwu lives and goes to school in Co. Kerry. She enjoys
reading, writing and playing the piano. She is just eight years old
but what she has written offers a wealth of experience. Reading it,
you will soon see why.
She is currently working on a second instalment of school life
adventures. It goes by the working title of Bob the Bully.